The "Life After Care" Project

Life After Care partnership brings together organisations involved in training, support and advocacy of family carers to address the issues faced by such carers after they have ceased in their caring roles.

The partnership aims to exchange ideas, experiences, good practices and tools in order to learn from each other. We aim to strengthen local and national strategies concerning informal training of former family carers to help their reintegration into society after they have ceased in their caring roles.

Who is a former carer?

Carers provide unpaid care by looking after an ill, frail elderly or disabled family member, friend or partner. According to EUROFAMCARE, over 100 million unpaid carers are estimated in Europe (25% of the overall European population), mostly women.

We have defined a former carer as someone who has ceased caring in the past two years. We consider this target group as particularly vulnerable. Caring can isolate carers from friends, family and local community. Over time this isolation can mean some carers lose their confidence and getting back out into the world can seem a daunting prospect.

The partners

Arco, services for participation promotion

Arco, services for participation promotion, is a group of professionals skilled in psychosocial intervention, who, since 1996, has been working as a consultation, training and community based Agency in Emilia Romagna Region, north east of Italy. Read more...

Athens Association of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders

Athens Association of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders is a non-profit organisation founded in 2002 by dementia patients' relatives, doctors, psychologists and other health professionals interested in Alzheimer's disease. Read more...

Care Alliance Ireland

Care Alliance Ireland is the National Network of Voluntary Organisations supporting Family Carers. We currently have over 65 member organisations and a representative board of directors. Read more...

Carers UK

Carers give so much to society yet as a consequence of caring they experience ill health, poverty and discrimination. Carers UK is an organisation of carers fighting to end this injustice. It will not stop until people recognise the true value of carers' contribution to society and carers get the practical, financial and emotional support they need. Read more...


Sofia is a social cooperative working in residential care services and community programs to support elderly and their professional and family carers. Sofia manages the nursing home for elderly "Le Robinie" where it hosts 45 elderly people suffering of dementia and other disabilities. Read more...