Athens Association of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders


  • Areti Eythimiou
  • Tel: +30 210 7013271
  • Fax: is +30 210 6012239
  • E-mail: info(AT)alzheimerathens(DOT)gr

Athens Association of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders is a non-profit organisation founded in 2002 by dementia patients' relatives, doctors, psychologists and other health professionals interested in Alzheimer's disease. The Association aims at promoting awareness, care and support for everyone in anyway related to the disease. At present it has 950 official members and is run by a seven member elected board.

Day Care Centres

The Association's Day Care Centres are facilities for dementia patients. The Association runs two Day Care Centers. Doctors, psychologists, speech therapist, social workers, nurses, physical exercise trainers, administrator and support personnel are employed at the Centres. 40 patients benefit from Centre services on a daily basis, there also being users participating individually in programs of care and training. Constant attention is paid to the needs and psychological support of patients' carers and relatives.

Day Care Centre Activities

  • Memory clinic
  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Cognitive training
  • Speech and occupational therapy, individually or in groups
  • Training and support for carers
  • Liaisoning with the community

Day Center of dementia patients

  • Address: 89 Markou Mousourou & 33 Stilponos St., Athens, 116 36
  • Tel number is +30 210 7013271
  • Fax number is +30 210 6012239
  • E-mail address: kentroalz(AT)ath(DOT)forthnet(DOT)gr

Day Center in cooperation with the municipality of Athens

  • Address:Panormou & Vatheos 25, Ampelokipoi
  • Tel/Fax number is +30 210 6424228
  • E-mail address: kentroalz(AT)otenet(DOT)gr

At the above mail addresses please replace (AT) with "@" and (DOT) with "."

Other Activities 2006-2009

Information and prevention programmes

The Association efforts towards promoting awareness and education on dementia began in 2004. Health professionals lecture on dementia in different settings, such as Municipal Clubs, scientific or other organisations. The main aim of these activities is to increase knowledge and awareness on dementia and, when possible, refer people to memory clinics after a screening neuropsychological assessment.


A variety of leaflets and little books is published and circulated by the Association. A newspaper is also edited four times a year. All printed material is posted free to anyone interested.

Cognitive training groups

In collaboration with the City of Athens, Association psychologists ran cognitive training groups for healthy older individuals in Municipal "Friendship Clubs". Participants have the opportunity to be educated on matters regarding memory function, learn ways of dealing with memory problems and train their memory.

Counselling for patients' relatives

Patients' relatives and caregivers, as well as anyone interested in dementia, can attend monthly meetings at the Day Care Centre. Participants have the opportunity to share thoughts and feelings and be informed on issues concerning dementia. Courses of lectures on specific dementia care issues are also organised regularly.

Training for Health Care Professionals

The Athens Association of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders organises training programs for doctors and other health professionals aiming to improved standards of diagnosis and care.

Volunteer work

Voluntary contribution of time and skills from anyone wishing to help the Association in its various activities is precious.