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  • Dr. Barbara Leonardi, Psychologist
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Arco, services for participation promotion, is a group of professionals skilled in psychosocial intervention, who, since 1996, has been working as a consultation, training and community based Agency in Emilia Romagna Region, north east of Italy .

The company stands out for its capacity of managing complex situations which are open to the involvement and full participation of citizens and local communities in different contexts. It deals with a wide range of social issues: citizens participation, citizens training and involvement in building local welfare, support to elderly and their caregivers, active aging. The general objective is always the development and the empowerment of local communities so that they can get higher control over and participate into the building up of their own future.

From 2005 to 2008 Arco had been lead partner of an EQUAL project called E.L.S.A. (acronym who stands for empowerment policy for migrant women employed as care-workers). Main aim of Elsa was to turn up the matching of two needs - the one of migrant women and the one of fragile old people and their caregivers - into a mutual opportunity of growth and cultural learning. More specifically: qualify and support caregivers (both formal and informal), promote social inclusion of private caregivers belonging to ethnic minorities, action research with professionals, citizens and stakeholders in order to improve local welfare policies.

One of Elsa outcome in the District of Forli-Cesena is "AFFETTI SPECIALI" a new local social plan in order to promote well being and the staying at one's own home of fragile elderly. Arco is at the moment supporting the implementation stage of the programme and will coordinate the activities at the community level, targeted to caregivers , both formal and informal, local agencies, charities and non profit organizations.


  • V.le Carducci 21, 47023 Cesena (FC), Italy
  • Tel.fax +39 0547 22887
  • Mail: arco(AT)arcopolis(DOT)it